Our Family

“It is only by working the earth that one can be free men”
(Giovanni Vannucci)


We tell you a family story that speaks of Tradition and Respect for the Earth.
We are a small estate that has its historical roots in sharecropping. In 1962, when the land and farmhouses were put up for sale by the previous property, Montagliari & Castellinuzza di Cappelli, the Coccia family with great courage and foresight, decided to buy the whole estate where they worked since the beginning of the 1900s instead of leaving in definitely more comfortable and comfortable places.
Deep breaths of that life so difficult and yet so Authentic still gently warm the value of doing with the Heart, with the awareness that every step towards Beauty, the Good and the True is the contribution that everyone can make to the Perfection of Life.
Dedication and Love are our Strength and Nature is our Teacher.
The Winemaker and pulsating soul of the estate is Paolo Coccia, with more than 70 harvests behind him, a great enthusiast, expert and connoisseur of the Lamole territory, with whom his daughter Serena and an all-female family collaborate (Luisa who takes everyone by the throat with her exquisite cuisine, Antonella the custodian of ancient sayings and family history and Martina, a small cheerful volcano always on the move).
The careful and scrupulous care of quality has always occupied the first place in the corporate philosophy. A boundless Love for Nature and Earth in an ancestral and strong dialogue that is renewed with the rhythm of the passage of time.